Chiropractic Care for a Successful 5K

Dr. Medwin and her staff wanted to get out of the office and be active.  Running a 5k through the country with winding back roads and peaceful scenery sounded like fun. Then add some crazy colored cornstarch and colored water hosing you down while you’re running and now its something we were into.

We got there for the 9am start and was surprised by the amount of people who were just as crazy as we were. There were tutu’s, fairy wings, clown wigs and every other crazy costume you could imagine. We started on our run through the Altamont Fair grounds and through puffs of green, purple, pink, yellow and blue “color bombs.” The morning was crisp and the sun was shining warmly on our backs as we made it down past the first obstacle. We rounded the bend and came out onto a road lined with corn fields and beautiful mountain views. And before we knew if we were in the home stretch.

One of the team Medwin runners, Joe, stated that because of chiropractic he is able to run and stay fit. He lives a very active lifestyle and without chiropractic he would not be able to be as active as he is. Chiropractic serves as a way to prepare his body for races and other active events and also helps his body recover from all of the stress he puts his body under while training. Chiropractic alleviated pain that he was experiencing in his hips and neck, which allowed him to enjoy the run pain free.

Ashley, who was also on team Medwin, said that she trained for this race by running about 12 miles a week along with other strength training exercises to keep her core strong and her lungs open. She received chiropractic treatments weekly and deep tissue massages every two weeks. The combination really allowed her body to recover much faster and allowed her to run without feeling fatigued or gasping for air.

It was a great day for a race! We were able to enjoy every minute of it because of the wellness care we all received.

Live life in color.



Soul Adjustor

I am a chiropractor. But really I am a soul adjustor. I am amazing at uplifting people with my positive energy and I have devoted most of my life to helping people feel better by putting them back into alignment. When you work with me, you can expect to feel less pain in your body, feel uplifted by my positive attitude and be guided to live a healthier lifestyle. And you will probably be surprised and delighted by my down-to-earth approach to your treatment. My work matters because it helps to alleviate the suffering caused by aches and pains in the body. And I’m here to remind you that, you do not have to be in pain or give up doing what you love because of pain. This pain is not forever. It does not define you or what your life has to be from now on. My question for you is, What is out of alignment in your life that needs to be re-aligned?


Heart in a child’s hand by Lisa L Wiedmeir | WANA Commons

-Dr. Medwin

Why you should see a Chiropractor to relieve stress

If you are stressed beyond your limit, and who isn’t, then you need to read this article.  We are bombarded daily with work deadlines, kids summer schedules, finances, and on and on. Fear creates stress, which can throw your nervous system into “fight-or-flight” mode. We process this as increased pain, lack of sleep, disease and the list goes on.

Here’s the good news, Chiropractic can help!

When you are adjusted your spine is aligned and your nerves are freed by the pressure your vertebrae can have if you are out of alignment. You are able to receive more oxygen to your brain, decrease pain & boost your immune system, which in turn can have a calming effect on your nervous system.  Contact Dr. Medwin for a De-stressing Adjustment today.

Here are a few other tips to help relieve stress:

Take deep breaths, this will move the oxygen to the parts of your body that are lacking.

Meditate in the morning and at night even if its just for a minute.

Do something physical like workout, take a walk, go swimming, whatever it is that you like doing.

Cut back on the amount of tv and newspapers you read and watch. It is a constant source of negativity that affects you more than you may think.


10 Things you can do today for a healthy back, mind and spirit

If you have emotional baggage, there are ways to help unpack that toxic load and keep it from building up again, says Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D., author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Body. The following steps will provide your entire self–back included–with some much-needed stress relief:

1 Get plenty of rest. When you skimp on sleep, your ability to handle stressful emotions decreases. Small problems can send you over the edge more quickly.

2 Prioritize the demands on your time. By overcommitting, you have fewer inner resources to cope with challenges. Figure out what activities are really essential and concentrate on those.

3 Know yourself. Things in the past (an unfaithful spouse, a miscarriage) color your reactions to current events. “It’s like wearing emotional sunglasses,” says Kearney-Cooke. Knowing your prejudices can help you recognize inappropriate responses.

4 Acknowledge your anger. That doesn’t mean yelling obscenities. Instead, explore your feelings in a journal. Recognizing negative emotions can help you dispel them.

5 Distract yourself from stress. Call a good friend, head out for a walk, or rent a funny movie.

6 Don’t sweat the small stuff. It can be tempting to react angrily when someone cuts you off on the highway or snubs you at a party. But stewing over minor insults will only impede your happiness.

7 Limit your frustration. If you’ve suffered a blow like getting passed over for a job, allow yourself to feel hurt and angry. “But put a limit on it,” says Kearney-Cooke. “When the time expires, get on with your life.”

8 Develop an inner applause meter. Your spouse, kids, and boss won’t always appreciate you, so call their attention to major efforts. But sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done is its own reward.

9 Get plenty of exercise. A brisk half-hour on the treadmill boosts feel-good brain chemicals. “It won’t solve your problems, but it will help release your anger,” says Kearney-Cooke.

10 Eat healthy. Comfort foods high in fat and sugar may reduce stress hormones in the short run. But in the long-term, a well-balanced diet contributes to better brain chemistry and emotional stability.

An Affirmation A Day Keeps the Negative Thoughts Away

Have you ever noticed that when you roll out of bed on a Monday morning all you can think about is how you wish you could stay curled up in bed all day? We all do it no matter how much we like or dislike the day we have ahead of us. The negative thoughts start rolling in and you are suddenly dreading a day that hasn’t even started. When your thoughts are negative, your day turns into a struggle. You become fixated on all the things that go wrong instead of noticing the good things that occur.

When you change your thoughts you change your approach to the day & your life becomes opportunity filled instead of problem ridden.

Want to change your negative approach? Try this simple change tomorrow morning before you even open your eyes.

Picture a place that you love, somewhere that makes you the happiest you. Imagine yourself there with all of the people that you love. Breathe in the smells, listen to the sounds and feel the textures. Really be there. Now slowly repeat this affirmation:

“Thank you bed for the rest I got to enjoy so that I may live today to the fullest. I am ready to give my full attention to the positive things that will happen. I release any negative thoughts that may arise.  I love life.”

Take a few deep breathes.

Open your eyes.

Now get ready to experience a magnificent day filled with endless possibilities!


Inner Peace

“The outer world does not touch me. I am in charge of my own being. I guard my inner world, for it is there that I create. I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful. My inner peace is essential for for my health and well-being. I go within and find that space where all is quiet and serene.” – Louise Hay

Duanesburg Triathlon

The Duanesburg Triathalon was a huge success thanks to my chiropractor and team of wellness specialists. Receiving regular adjustments and massages really helped me reach the next level in my training. My body was able to recover faster and my aches and pains were decreased.

After my LP Half marathon, I took some time off and then I competed in the FIrecracker 4 on the Fourth of July. The FIrecracker was a short race which was a lot of fun. After that, I joined the East Greenbush YMCA because of their pool, and I swam hard for about a month. My weakness is the bike so I picked up riding, mostly 20 and 30-mile loops. I actually overtrained on the bike and really tired myself out right before the Crystal Lake Triathlon. I learned the lesson about overtraining the hard way, when muscle fatigue forced me to WD from the event.

After four days of rest, I hit the pavement running (literally and figuratively). I started running 4-miles three times a week in August. On the days that I did not run, I would bike loops of around 20-mles. I did not get in the water to swim before the race, because I earned a new position at work and was unable to find the time for it. Prior to the race I went to Ashley for a sports massage and then saw Kerstin at Albany Total Wellness for chiropractic adjustment. My ribs were out of place because of all of the hard training, but the team fixed the problem quite well.

On race day I arrived about an hour prior to the event. I brought my wetsuit, but they shotened the swim to 325 yards. I decided to swim with my trisuit because of the short length and warm water temperatures. When my heat entered the water I felt a rush on adrenaline as the official counted down the seconds. I planned on starting in the back of the pack, but instead found my self two people behind the lead. I drafted the guy in front of me for the entire swim. The bike was a bit tougher for me but my legs held up well. I managed to keep my speed up for the 10-mile course. As i put on my sneakers for the run, I thought that I was out of gas, because I rode so hard on the bike. I managed to talk myself through the first mile and then my legs kicked in and I was good to go. I finished strong, with a 2-miniute faster swim time from last year, a 10 minute faster bike and a slightly faster run. The progress was evident.

My next event is the Mighty Hamptons Mighty Man Sprint in Montauk, NY at the end of September.

I can’s wait.

Eric Q

Montauk Mighty Man Sprint

Montauk Mighty Man Sprint

I trained hard for the Duanesburg Triathlon and did much better than expected. After that, I began to swim longer distances for the Mighty Man; the distance was 750 meters at the Mighty Man and the Duanesburg was only 325 yards. As I worked out at the East Greenbush YMCA pool, I spoke with some of the athletes for long distance swim advice. Most people were helpful and I learned a lot from speaking with them. My run preparation was not as extensive as my earlier races, mostly because of scheduling conflicts an lack of time. The distance was a 5K and I wasn’t too concerned with that, as I ran a half marathon in June. I was able to get out on the bike and train on the Albany bike path several times for the 11-mile loop in the upcoming Montauk race.

My priority was getting my body in shape and not injuring anything. I make an appointment with Ashley at ATW and was able to have a athletic deep tissue massage to really get my muscles in shape for the race. For the longest time I thought that stretching before a race was enough, but once I had an athletic deep tissue massage, my opinion changed. Now I make it part of my training plan. Also, chiropractic helps my body tremendously, and I see Kerstin the day after I get my massage from Ashley. By having an adjustment, I feel better both mentally and physically.

I checked-in to the race at 5:30AM and was in the water at 6:30AM in the first wave. We had to wait for 10 minutes. Everyone was nervous and an energy of excitement was in the air. When the horn sounded, I felt the rush of adrenaline but also was relaxed by the sun which was rising over Montauk point. I swam hard and felt really strong throughout that segment of the event.

 My transition was a bit slow after the swim, primarily due to the fact that I was not that familiar with the removal of my wetsuit. I was tangled up a bit, but was able to get out on the bike and pedal hard. I finished the bike segment faster than I expected.

 Then came the run, and I took it easy for the first mile. At mile-2 I picked up the pace and finished the 5K run in 26 minutes, which was my fastest time of the summer.

I had a great experience and the massage and chiropractic really helped, as did my LifeStrength Bracelets which kept me balanced!!!

 -Eric Q


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