Cupping Therapy for Headaches

Cupping for Migraine Headaches

A migraine headache is defined is a severe, pulsating, one-sided headache, lasting from 4 to 72 hours and which is aggravated by routine physical activity. Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and/or sensitivity to light and sound. In addition, visual disturbances (auras) lasting from 4 to 60 minutes, may occur either before or during a migraine headache.

Migraines are sometimes called vascular headaches because they involve a restriction in blood flow to the brain. Stress, or some other trigger, causes muscle tension and spasm at the base of the skull, restricting the blood supply to the brain. In response, blood vessels in and around the brain dilate in order to compensate for the reduced oxygen. The pressure of these dilating arteries on cranial nerves causes the severe throbbing pain associated with migraine headaches.

One of the best alternative therapies for a migraine headache is Chinese style acupuncture combined with the ancient practice or “cupping”. Cups are round vessels, 1′′ to 3′′ in diameter, which are applied to the body with vacuum suction. The vacuum is created either by means of heating the air inside the cup or by a mechanical pump. The local area of low pressure causes the blood to gather under the cup near the surface of the body, creating an immediate improvement in circulation. In particular, cupping helps to reset or regulate the tension in the arteries… helping to relax overly tense arteries and tighten those that are too lax. Cupping certain areas on the back can produce this regulating effect throughout the entire body.

Cupping therapy enables the therapist to go deeper without discomfort to the client


  1. Improvement of circulatory function
  2. Regulating & betterment of automatic nervous system
  3. Removal of pain
  4. Relaxation of stiff muscles& tendons
  5. Facilitates the flow of the lymph
  6. Improves the flow of Blood within the joints
  7. Improves the secretion of the Digestive fluids
  8. The most dramatic effect is upon the skin & the body fluid flow in the arteries & veinsincreases, Thus resulting into detoxification.
  9. It helps open up the chest & benefits the lungs. Therefore useful in respiratory problems.

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My Top 5 Beauty Products

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This toothpaste tastes great and leaves my breath smelling fresh long after I have brushed. Thats important when I am face to face with patients not to have dragon breath… That would scare me away too!

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This deodorant is by far the best smelling and longest lasting protection out of MANY that I have tried. The lavender scent is calming and fresh. Smelly pits be gone!

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Here is my latest and greatest product from a company called Beautycounter, which I am now a consultant for because I love their products and mission with all my heart! Puffiness, bags, dark circles all vanish and I look wide awake, refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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My luxurious body oil doubles as an awesome cooking oil! When I’m done in the bathroom I bring it to the kitchen. A staple product for sure!

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Who ever said oil was greasy did not try this oil. Another great product from Beautycounter that is filled with 7 radiance boosting oils, like jasmine, to leave my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Can be mixed in with your moisturizer or used by itself to create the perfect primer for makeup.


So there you have it, a look at my favorite beauty products and why I love them so! Clean, green and safe skincare is what I am all about.  These products enhance my beauty without leaving harmful chemicals or harsh irritants behind. Living happy, healthy, and in harmony.

-Kerstin M

Let Your Light Shine

Throughout the last few years that I have worked with Kerstin I have learned so many valuable life lessons that shaped who I am today. Moving onto a new path in my life and leaving the comfortable and safe position that I had shaped was very scary and overwhelming. Although I knew that the time had come where I was being guided in a new direction, it still did not make it any easier.

When you believe and trust your inner guide you will most defiantly be take care of, and the life you were meant to live will surely manifest. Listen to your inner guide and follow it wherever it may lead you. Reaching for your dreams is not as impossible as you may think it is. Being happy and content with what you have, truly content and not needing more to fulfill the hole inside, is a wonderful feeling. Don’t be the voice inside your head that holds you back from shining your light into the world. Get out there and shine!



Pain in the Neck

Normally when you think of pain what comes to mind? Can you come up with one or more places you feel pain in your body right now? Neck, shoulders, lower back and the list goes on, right? You may feel helpless and possibly even have given up on finding a “cure.” Hear me when I say, Chiropractic can help!

When our bodies are in pain it is a signal that something is out of alignment, which simply means that it is not in the correct place. Strains, sprains and broken bones are obvious signs that something is out of place, but there can be less noticeable signs that your body needs to be put back into proper alignment.

Chiropractic can help ease the pain you are feeling in just a few visits.  Chiropractic adjustments gently put things back into correct placement in the spine, which allows your body to move and function without pain. Regular chiropractic adjustments can keep your body pain free without having to take pain killers and other drugs.  Living a life that feels good is a wonderful thing.

Whats keeping you from getting rid of your pain?


Fixing Myself

My patience and love for others has been tested this week. I have had some tough patients and have wondered what I did to deserve this? I am a “fixer” by nature and when I cannot fix something or someone I tend to take it personally.

This past week I had a patient tell me that the previous adjustment was not worth their money  because they said it didn’t help. Excuse me!? Well that shot right to the very core of my being. I was upset that they had the nerve to say that and second guess my skills as a chiropractor. It wasn’t the fact that they had shoveled and lifted heavy boxes all weekend…

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to give your body the tools to heal itself. As a chiropractor I do not “fix” problems and pains. Realizing that your body will do what it needs to do to heal itself – as long as you give it the time to do so.

Some quick, but powerful lessons I have learned from this past week:

Lesson # 1. Don’t take anything personally

Lesson # 2. Don’t ever stop helping others

Lesson # 3. You can’t fix everything nor everyone, so don’t try to

Lesson #4: Send positive, loving energy to everyone that enters your life

Lesson #5: Have a big glass of patience’s (and green juice!) for breakfast

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain.

From this moment on I send you love, I forgive you, I let go of it.  Who am I to judge you for what you did? You knew what you knew how to do given the conditions of your life, and I send you love. That person that was rude or angry, they are just working out their old traumas, the same demons that we’re all working through. It just depends on what you decide to have in your heart. If we can fill ourselves with love and appreciation for and be in a state of gratitude for it.

Any time we care in these places where we think things shouldn’t be going the way they are, or we think it’s unfortunate or it’s just not fair, that’s the time to be in a state of gratitude. There’s something in this for me. Everything doesn’t just have to smell good and be in the right order to be thankful for it. You can be thankful for all those experiences.



Trauma, Toxins & Stressful Thoughts

Giving you the tools your body needs to heal itself is the number one priority of chiropractic care. If all I did was adjust you and sent you on your way, it wouldn’t do your body that much good. Narrowing down the root of the pain or “subluxation” can help you realize where the pain came from in the first place. I want to give you the tools to finally heal your health from the inside out. Lets start by talking about the three T’s, trauma, toxins and thoughts.

Trauma, including things such as falls and car accidents, is one of the most well known reasons for needing chiropractic care. Habits such as continuously carrying your bag or purse on the same side of your body, sitting on the computer for hours a day or even bending down to picking up your toddler can all cause your spine to become misaligned.

Toxins are constantly being filtered in and out of your body depending on the food you eat and the products you use. When the not-so-good chemicals build up it can cause pain and inflammation in your body. When you fill your body with foods and products that nourish and replenish it, you will be less likely to have pain and inflammation. Adding a daily juice regimen can jump start your metabolism and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Eating organic, locally grown produce when possible and cutting out dairy and animal products can clear up skin, drop those pesky pounds and give you more energy. The body you have now is the same one you’ll have for years to come. Take care of it and treat it well. Making your nutrition a priority will make your life a well adjusted one.

Thoughts (aka stress) are the number one cause of subluxations. For example; you can be relaxed lying on a beach in the sun and just think about something stressful with work or at home and immediately feel your muscles in your neck or mid back tighten up. This tension causes subluxations as well as produces chemicals that cause imbalance in your body.

Ongoing wellness visits to the chiropractor to correct these subluxations can help to identify the root causes. Committing to chiropractic care is a lifestyle choice, just like eating well and exercising. It’s impossible to eliminate all toxins, stress and traumas to everyday life, but choosing chiropractic as a preventative and proactive measure is vital to your path of optimal health.

Rid Toxins

Dr. Kerstin Medwin Chiropractic

Pain is the Root of the Problem

Have you ever experienced pain in your neck, low back that just won’t go away? Chances are the root of the pain came from some sort of physical or emotional stress that you had been carrying around. When we hold onto stress in our bodies, it can manifest as physical pain and make us feel sick, tired, nausea, and even give us horrible headaches. The stress that you hold onto is taxing on your nervous system. It becomes tired and overloaded with all of your emotional feelings. Receiving chiropractic adjustments regularly can give you relief, but lets start at the root of the problem. Stress.  You have to first get rid of the stress that you are holding onto and your nervous system will then be able to function properly.

Here are some tips to keep stress to a minimum:

1. Start a daily Meditation practice and take 5-10 minutes out of your day to just sit and be still. Giving your mind the time it needs to not think will refresh your perspective and offer up some new ideas. I recommend meditating in the morning so you can start your day off on the right foot. Calm and collected.

2. Exercise daily. Even if you take a walk, ride your bike or climb up and down your stairs 100 times, 20 minutes is all it takes to get your heart rate up and stress levels down.  Next time you are watching t.v. try doing some lunges, crunches, or pushups during each commercial break. You will be amazed how much of a sweat you will work up while watching t.v.

3. Catch some Zzzzzzzz’s. Sleeping 8-10 hours a night can really improve your mood, energy levels and decrease stress. When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies are forced to operate on empty. We drink coffee and soda to try to up our energy levels when all we really need to do is just catch up on our sleep.

Hope these tips help with decreasing your stress and improving your life.


Giving back to our volunteer Firefighter’s

We set up our chiropractic adjusting table in the bunk room at the Shaker Road Volunteer Fire Station and boy were they glad we did!

Have you ever thought about what a firefighter puts their body through on a “normal” day? They are constantly getting in and out of a firetruck, which is enough to give anyone sciatic pain. They run into burning buildings, carry people sometime bigger than themselves, carry a firehouse that weighs a ridiculous amount all while wearing a suit of armor. In their spare time they run drills, more intense than your cross fit gym workout. We couldn’t think of a better group of giving guys to adjust.

We started with the first willing participant, he had never had an adjustment and lets just say he was twenty some years overdue. With a few simple twists and push downs he was feeling brand new. We handed him a care packet with some samples, brochures and a sweet magnet to hang on the firehouse fridge. He had survived his first adjustment and left with a smile.  Onto the next victim…

One by one we took names and cracked backs, and one by one they all became believers in a good adjustment.

We shared a lot of laughs and had a lot of fun. We plan on heading back for round 2 next month.

Thank you for your service and dedication to our community.


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