Cupping Therapy for Headaches

Cupping for Migraine Headaches

A migraine headache is defined is a severe, pulsating, one-sided headache, lasting from 4 to 72 hours and which is aggravated by routine physical activity. Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and/or sensitivity to light and sound. In addition, visual disturbances (auras) lasting from 4 to 60 minutes, may occur either before or during a migraine headache.

Migraines are sometimes called vascular headaches because they involve a restriction in blood flow to the brain. Stress, or some other trigger, causes muscle tension and spasm at the base of the skull, restricting the blood supply to the brain. In response, blood vessels in and around the brain dilate in order to compensate for the reduced oxygen. The pressure of these dilating arteries on cranial nerves causes the severe throbbing pain associated with migraine headaches.

One of the best alternative therapies for a migraine headache is Chinese style acupuncture combined with the ancient practice or “cupping”. Cups are round vessels, 1′′ to 3′′ in diameter, which are applied to the body with vacuum suction. The vacuum is created either by means of heating the air inside the cup or by a mechanical pump. The local area of low pressure causes the blood to gather under the cup near the surface of the body, creating an immediate improvement in circulation. In particular, cupping helps to reset or regulate the tension in the arteries… helping to relax overly tense arteries and tighten those that are too lax. Cupping certain areas on the back can produce this regulating effect throughout the entire body.

Cupping therapy enables the therapist to go deeper without discomfort to the client


  1. Improvement of circulatory function
  2. Regulating & betterment of automatic nervous system
  3. Removal of pain
  4. Relaxation of stiff muscles& tendons
  5. Facilitates the flow of the lymph
  6. Improves the flow of Blood within the joints
  7. Improves the secretion of the Digestive fluids
  8. The most dramatic effect is upon the skin & the body fluid flow in the arteries & veinsincreases, Thus resulting into detoxification.
  9. It helps open up the chest & benefits the lungs. Therefore useful in respiratory problems.

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