Love Your Lateral Stabilizers

Casual runners to marathon enthusiast listen up! As runners we tend to focus on things like increasing our mileage, setting a personal record, or training for that upcoming race. We tend to ignore the intimate balance we need to maintain between our passion and our bodies. Your lateral pelvic stabilizers are muscles that stabilize your hip while you run and walk. These muscles basically prevent your hip from popping out of place. The iliopsoas, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, piriformis, and adductors are all part of this important muscle group.


According to Dr. Russ Ebbets D.C, running is a linear activity. It has very little lateral or side to side movement. When we run, we overdevelop the muscles that contribute to our linear motion (quadriceps and hamstrings) and we tend to ignore our lateral stabilizers. If we continue to run without addressing our stabilizers we can develop a very nasty problem, especially in our low back, hips, iliotibial band and/or knees. Don’t forget…our body is one big kinetic chain, what happens in one area affects many other areas!

It is time to incorporate some stabilization into your workouts! Below are some important exercises to keep in mind. [Adapted from Princeton University; Athletic Medicine]. Remember, when doing exercises your movements should be controlled, pain free, and with proper body positioning. Consult a medical professional with questions.

>> Gentle Exercises you can do at home

Guest Blogger,

Cortnee Gillson


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